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My, oh my, didn't update like forever. Well, what to do, since my exam literally used up most of my time. Actually, I still managed to slack a lot despite knowing it is bad to do. I can only accept the fact that my promise to myself is all nothing but illusion.

Throughout the examination period, I struggled a lot. Day and night, I keep thinking various possible questions and also keep asking what the hell was I doing back in the last 6 months and well, all the benefit of time I did not appreciate it. In fact, my laziness gotten worse than last year. Who to be blamed? Myself, of course.

It was really stressful. And for the first time, I felt desperate, seeking air under the water kind of situation. My dad, of course scolded me once knowing that I got panic and all. Mum was upset of me. I do not angry with what they said, I am angry that I didn't do anything better than last year.

Well, the exam had ended, I shall not indulge further. And, ever since ended about a week ago, I learnt many new values. I hope that it will serve as a reminder as I will write it down here.

1) Each of us have different kind of 'face'. We only show a specific 'face' when either you're in trouble or it just happened naturally. In this situation, perhaps, best to treasure that person. Well, 'face' here is in positive note.

2) If you keep eating for friggin' 3 months without exercise, no matter how fit you were, you will grow in weight! Heck, I better start exercise.

3) If you're into relationship, no 1 is important (the face thingie for couple as well, you see what other do not see, best not to hide it). Furthermore, please be clear to each other. If one party unable to understand you, I think you must convey it to him/her. Yes, it's not easy, I know. But there's must some degree of openness. That is what I learn. I wondering myself if I can be open as well.

4) If your partner is treating you like....and didn't acknowledge you to his/her friend. Just end the relationship. Perhaps there is a reasonable reason. So assess the situation. A friend of mine, his girlfriend refused to say he is her boyfriend because it's embarrassing to her, despite agree to go out with him. Really, I am in no position to say anything but in my opinion, my friend suffered. I don't want to see the same occur to my other friend.

5) When in exam period, do eat healthy, spend some time on exercise. Of course, student diligently!

6) All in all, even you feel desperate, feel no energy to carry on, or mental breakdown. Take a breather, talk with your friends and most of all, be positive. I read a very, very interesting article. It was about a 6 year old boy back in the 90s, was diagnosed to have pancreatic cancer. He did not have up and now 21 still surviving and remain positive. But was more importantly, he wrote a note and place somewhere near to Statue of Jesus, praying that Jesus will save other who is suffering cancer. (something like that). The boy's kindness and remain faithful and positive helped him to survive his war. After all, the war ends even without going to war when you already felt defeated.

7) Simply enjoy life and try to refuse to think that any negative complications will affect your life. Heh, it's not easy I know that fully well. But here's what I heard on radio the other day, it says something like in every negative thought, you must counter with a positive one. Brilliant. Simple yet just so easily displaced. I think this is the hardest one for me. I tend to think many situations in my stuffs and I will halt my process if it's negative one. At times, risk should be taken and without feeling regret, we must enjoy life. I should try.

That is all I want to say. I signed up with several activities and events. Some jobs are waiting for me as well. All I should do is focus on them and well, enjoy. Later.

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